NPGEO currently offers a 10 hour continuing education course which will help you acquire a portion of the  hours required for re-certification.

Course is approved by BONENT

Method of Delivery: Online

Title: Continuous Quality Initiative (CQI) Seminar
Clock hour length: 10
Time allowed to complete: 30 days

Objectives/Main skills to be learned:
The seminar is designed to satisfy 10 of the 40 required hours of continuing education
hours for Dialysis Technicians & Dialysis Nurses.

At the end of this course the learner will:
1. Describe Continuous Quality Improvement in Dialysis
2. List the four steps in the CQI process
3. Identify and resolve a problem in the dialysis unit using the CQI process and PDCA
4. Identify key individuals involved in the success of CQI
5. Explain the value of having a Quality Assessment Process Improvement program

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