Metrics for Setting the Gold Standard for Excellence!

Metrics for Gold Standard

At the center of NPGEO’s strategies and approaches to the delivery of educational services are a core set of values, which are embedded in all programs and processes established and implemented at the company. NPGEO prides itself and differentiates itself from its competitors by building and delivering career and occupational training programs based upon the following core values:

»Student Focused: The unique skills and abilities, combined with the wealth of information, experiences and knowledge each student brings to the learning environment is recognized and leveraged in order to optimize the learning experience for each student.
»Compliance Based: Each training program is designed and delivered using the most up-to-date information and data available in order to support the regulatory requirements and standards set forth by local, state and federal governing agencies representing the healthcare industry.
»Industry Leading: NPGEO adopts and consistently applies a best-in-class instructional design and delivery strategies and techniques that support the acquisition and understanding of knowledge, as well as the transfer and application of knowledge from the learning environment into the working environment.
»Innovation Driven: NPGEO recognizes that curriculum design using different mediums creates a significant learning experience therefore, we are committed to designing and delivering educational services using robust, scalable and accessible approaches to support student and instructor interaction and student learning. and student learning.

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